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With a renovation from Property Projects, you’ll love gathering around the kitchen table again. Your kitchen is the hub of your home, and having a stylish yet functional space where you can spend time together is essential. From those rocking kitchen parties with friends to Sunday dinners with loved ones, you want a kitchen that allows for versatility and convenience.

Are those cabinets you once loved looking dated? Is your counter space no longer cutting it? Or does your kitchen need a complete overhaul? Property Projects will design a kitchen to suit all of your needs. We are here to guide you through every step of the process, from developing your ideal kitchen layout to helping you select the finishing touches.

Our Process


Step 1: Kitchen Tear-out. Our team will deconstruct your current kitchen to bring it back to its bare bones, which may include tearing out old flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures.

Step 2: Plumbing Removal. Our plumber will come in to remove the current plumbing and start rough-ins for the new fittings.

Step 3: Electrical Removal. Our electrician will remove the old wires and begin roughing in the new electrical work.

Step 4: Carpentry Begins. Our carpenters install the sub-floor and any necessary framing, and strap the ceiling to hang drywall.

Step 5: Plumbing Begins. The plumber will return to finish the rough-ins, and run plumbing through the walls and water lines.

Step 6: Electrical Begins. The electrician will return to finish electrical work according to the new framework of the kitchen.

Step 7: Drywall Installation. The carpenter will hang drywall.

Step 8: Plaster and Paint. Our painter will come in to plaster, sand, prime, and apply the first coats of paint. Your kitchen is starting to look complete!

Step 9: Flooring Installation. Your kitchen flooring will be installed. Your project manager can help you to select the best flooring for your renovation.

Step 10: Counters and Cabinetry. The contractor returns to install all countertops and cabinets.

Step 11: Fixtures and Plumbing. The plumber returns to install your sink, dishwasher, and any other necessary features, ensuring that everything is in working order.

Step 11: Trimwork. It’s time for the finishing touches! The rest of the carpentry work is completed, such as installing your baseboards, and door and window casings.

Step 12: Final Touches. The painter returns to apply the final coats of paint on your walls, and paint the new doors and trim. The electrician returns to complete all electrical work and place light switches and cover plates.

Step 13: Introducing Your New Kitchen! Your kitchen renovation is complete, and you are all set to enjoy your new cooking and entertaining space!

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